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An interview with… the crew onboard LOLA

Welcome aboard the brand new, 2023 Bali 5.4, LOLA.

Introducing LOLA: The Ultimate Luxury Charter in the British Virgin Islands! With room for up to 8 guests, this yacht offers 3 spacious queen cabins and an expansive master cabin for those craving extra space. Get ready for an unparalleled sailing experience that combines luxury, space, and performance. But here’s the real game-changer: the revolutionary “Bali garage door” at the heart of the yacht. Watch in awe as the aft wall magically disappears, revealing a breathtaking, unobstructed view of paradise. Enjoy indoor/outdoor dining like never before, with the cool Caribbean breeze dancing through the yacht. And that’s not all! Say goodbye to traditional trampolines and say hello to a relaxing lounge area on the solid foredeck. Plus, the flybridge offers a perfect spot for sipping cocktails and soaking in stunning sunsets. Get ready to experience the islands from the highest vantage point on LOLA!

The magnificent LOLA, a 54ft Bali sailing catamaran, is making her grand debut on the BVI charter scene for the upcoming 2023/2024 season. Not only is LOLA brand spanking new… she has a energetic and vibrant crew ready to show you the best time in the British Virgin Islands. Let LOLA and her passionate crew guide you through the breathtaking beauty of the BVI, ensuring that your time aboard is nothing short of extraordinary.

Meet the Crew

      Captain Hugo O’Kelly 

Hugo is a seasoned sailor who has been captivated by water from a young age.
He grew up in England, in a small county just outside of London and spent most holidays by the seaside of Cornwall. At the tender age of seven, Hugo discovered his passion for sailing, racing lasers and 49er’s while at school. Later in his youth he became an instructor for this.

Hugo’s passion for sailing and the ocean grew stronger after school, so he headed to the South of France to work on luxury Superyachts. At 18, he was selected and sponsored to race across the Atlantic being the youngest crew in the fleet. This is when Hugo realized his true calling. He completed his Yacht Masters amongst other qualifications with the dream of becoming a captain.

Hugo has at present, worked as Skipper and 1st Mate on luxury yachts of up to 100ft. From sailing charters to sea-life safari tours – he’s been sailing in some of the most beautiful and exotic locations around the world. After completing his second crossing to Antigua, he is currently obtaining his Ocean Master.

When he’s not at work, Hugo is an avid water-sports enthusiast and instructor.
He loves to coach waterskiing, wakeboarding, and wake-surfing. Surfing, diving and fishing are also just a few of his many hobbies. Whether on the water or on land, Hugo is always seeking new adventures and finding ways to connect with the sea.

Where did you learn to sail?
I learnt to sail when I was 7! It all started in the South West of the UK, Cornwall.

How long have you been in the industry?
This will be going into my 5th year working in the yachting industry. After school at 18, I completed my first Atlantic race. From there I worked on luxury superyachts to now running my own boats!

What made you fall in love with sailing?
The Adventure, Freedom and Independence, Challenge, Relaxation and Escape

What do you love about ‘Lola’?
‘Lola’ is a home away from home. She will show you true relaxation and comfort!

Where’s your favorite location in the BVI to drop anchor?
Not many people adventure here! Drop the anchor right off the reef at Oil nut Bay. Perfect spot for lunch surrounded by the turquoise color’s and the breaking waves!

What’s the best thing about chartering?
Its your Holiday! Freedom of where you want to go.

What are your hobbies?
I love Watersports. Fishing, Surfing, Wakeboard are just a few of the many hobbies! When away from the Caribbean I tend to head to the colder climate to ski!

If you could sail anywhere other than the BVI, where would it be?
The Grenadines! Those Islands are something else!

      Chef Judith Van Den Nieuwendijk

Judith was born and raised in The Netherlands. As a child she was always on the water and spent her summers windsurfing as a hobby. Apart from her sporty side, she loves to cook and make people at comfort. She has always been comfortable in the kitchen which led to her study at an international hospitality school in the south of The Netherlands. There she elevated her passion for hospitality to a professional career.

Judith is a skilled and experienced chef, trained both at the hospitality school in the south of The Netherlands and most recently at the Ashburton culinary institute. She has been honored to work in luxury hospitality for the past eight years, she has worked at various high-end hotels, restaurants and events both in Europe and the Caribbean. Her love for cooking shows in the wide array of dishes prepared onboard Lola, all up to guests preferences. While constantly aiming to create the perfect vacation experience, Judith takes great pride in cooking with wholesome, fresh ingredients of great quality.

Where did you learn to cook?
At the start of my studies at the Hotel Management School Maastricht in the south of The Netherlands I entered a foodie-heaven. During the 4-year program I gained confidence as a chef through kitchen training, knife skills and commodity knowledge. But what really made an impact is the interaction with fellow students, we explored new flavor combinations, unfamiliar cuisines and cooked diner together every day after class. Through bouncing off each others’ ideas and creations, I learned how to cook and fully developed my passion as a chef. Past off-season, I attended the renowned Ashburton cookery school in the south of the UK, where I gained more skill and inspiration and where I refreshed my ideas for my future career.

How long have you been in the industry?
I am now starting my fourth year in the yachting industry, and I have worked in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

What made you fall in love with cooking?
I truly believe that the most warm and cherished moments evolve around good food! Food brings people together, and I love being able to contribute to creating such moments for our guests.

What’s your favorite style of cooking and why?
Since I was a child, my parents always cooked with the fresh and seasonal ingredients, this is something that is still deeply ingrained in my current cooking style! Besides Europe I travelled to Asia, Africa and North and Middle America, so I would not be able to pick a ‘favorite cuisine’, however, I love to cook from scratch and work with local and fresh ingredients as much as possible. This makes a huge difference in my opinion!

Who has influenced your cooking style the most?
My fellow study friends inspired me enormously, all of them are somehow connected to the hospitality and foodservice industry, some of them work for foodservice multinationals and others are entrepreneurs who are true kitchen visionaries; they have influenced me to chase my dreams and never fail to inspire me!

What do you love about chartering?
I love creating unforgettable moments and making each charter different and accustomed to guests’ preferences! Variety is the spice of life.

Where’s your favorite location in the BVI?
My favorite location in the BVI is Peter Island, the bright and crystal-clear waters never fail to impress and the water is so calm that it feels like your own secluded part of paradise.

What’s your favorite restaurant in the BVI?
I love Cocomaya, a beach restaurant on Virgin Gorda. The restaurant has influences from Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the sunset is gorgeous from the beach, it has a great atmosphere and delicious food.

What is your favorite moment whilst been on the water?
Seeing beautiful marine life such as dolphins, rays, turtles and nurse sharks is simply awesome!

The crew will feel like family by the time you leave.

Delicious meals served onboard from Chef Judith.

Rates on LOLA start from $28,500 per week.

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