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Fishing in the British Virgin Islands

Fishing in the British Virgin Islands is some of the best in the Caribbean and can be fun for all the family. A popular destination for deep-sea fishing, fly fishing and spinning forms of angling. Fishermen are determined characters willing to travel the world looking for the ultimate fishing experience.  Fishing in the BVI will not disappoint.

The moment you hear those reels screeching is one of pure excitement for the avid fisherman and the weekend warrior. A few seconds of panic hoping the fish stays hooked on the line and the thrill of what’s on the other end is exhilarating.

Deep Sea Fishing

The British Virgin Islands also offer some great sport fishing. Areas such as the North Drop and the Puerto Rican Trench which plummet into vast canyons have an array of fish which migrate here. Offshore game fish include Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi.

Fly Fishing

Anegada offers fly fishing with miles of untouched flats. Pursue the evasive Bonefish, the explosive Tarpon or the shy and mysterious Permit. Once you hook one of these fish you’ll be in for a thrill.


Spin or troll from the back of your yacht in the abundant waters of the British Virgin Islands. Drag a line or spin in the anchorages and you may well catch your dinner. Fish such as Mahi Mahi, Kingfish, Mackerel, Snapper and Grouper may be on the menu.

Know your fish

Be aware there is Ciguatera poisoning in the BVI which can give you food poisoning, so seek local knowledge before eating!

BVI Fishing License

Before fishing in the British Virgin Islands, every vessel must be registered with the Department of Agriculture & Fisheries. In addition, every individual who wants to fish must apply and purchase a fishing license ahead of time which is valid for one month. Children under the age of 18 do not need a fishing license.

Fishing Charters

If you would like to venture further offshore with a local crew who know the waters well, why not book a fishing charter for the day? Assisted by experienced deckhands and equipped with top of the range fishing gear you’ll be sure to put dinner on the table at the end of the day.

Recommended fishing charters in the BVI are Salt Shaker Fishing Charters, Bad Dog Fishing Charters or Ocean Surfari.

If you would like to book a luxury yacht charter in the BVI or request a quote, please contact or check out our website