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Best ways to stay fit and healthy on charter

You’ve been counting calories and going to the gym every day for months on end, working towards that bikini body in time for your summer vacation. You finally get on that plane, into sunnier climes and into that new swimsuit you’ve been dying to try on. Then the chef serves you all their delicious delights day after day, hour after hour and you can’t resist eating everything in sight. Cocktails are flowing and towards the end of the week all of your hard work has faded into the distance.

Don’t despair, you can still eat all you want and keep that fantastic body you have worked so hard to show off. Vacationing on a sailing charter is one of the best ways to stay in shape and you have no excuses not to go home bronzed and looking great!

Here are some great ways to keep you in tip top shape whilst enjoying that next glass of wine and scoffing down that delicious cheese plate.


Aside from taking the time to breathe in the fresh ocean air and relax within your surroundings, you could arrange for a masseuse to come out to your yacht and pamper you to the fullest with a massage to relieve those tense muscles and the stresses of everyday life.

Drink plenty of water

Dehydration is real! Remember to drink lots of water to replenish the lost fluid from sweating. Adequate water intake will also keep your kidneys working after drinking several cocktails which are impossible to resist.

Eat healthy

Your charter chef will customize the menu for your week onboard, so you can choose to make a healthy meal plan for the week should you wish. Your chef will provide you with locally sourced fresh produce and can prepare any special diet you may have including vegan, gluten free, paleo or low carb.


An excellent exercise for core training and balance.


A great cardio workout which builds muscle, as you set off exploring those island coastlines.

Wakeboarding / Water Skiing

A fun activity to enjoy in the beautiful calm waters. An anaerobic exercise promoting strength and power whilst building muscle mass.


A great cardiovascular exercise which improves lung capacity, tones muscles, burns calories and eases joint stiffness, all the while improving your state of mind by calming the body and promoting relaxation as you connect with nature.


The perfect all over body workout in the beautiful surrounding waters. There’s never an excuse not to jump in and cool off!

On board exercises

Simple exercises such as squats, push ups, stretches and sit ups are easy to do with limited space and great to keep the body in shape.


You don’t need much space to do a couple of Vinyasa flows or Warrior poses. Just grab a mat, head on up to the bow of the boat, relax and take in the scenic views around you.

Hiking / Running

You won’t be stuck on the boat 24/7, so make an effort to check out the local areas and National Parks. There are a number of great trails to explore on the islands.

Beach Activities

Work out on the sand, grab a bat and ball, kick a football around or rally up a group of friends for a game of volleyball.

Taking a week off from your regular exercise regime probably won’t do you too much harm, but you can always make healthy choices whilst on vacation from the food you eat to the amount of workouts you do.

Above all, bask in that sunshine and enjoy your well deserved break!!

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